How to Not Ruin Your Relationship with Your Realtor

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home or a commercial property, “fun” or “easy” probably aren’t the words you think of when it comes to findng or working with a real estate broker. But working with a broker doesn’t have to be boring, stiff, or confusing. Here’s some ideas to keep your realtor relationship from falling flat and getting the most from your real estate transaction.

1. Buyers, be opened minded

Your realtor is an expert. They’ve seen TONS of properties. That’s why you’re working with them! And while every good real estate agent will take all of your must-haves during your search very seriously, you can also trust them to suggest things you might not have considered. Maybe you’re set on hardwood kitchen floors, but your realtor knows you could save a bundle by considering laminate. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about living in one neigborhood, but your realtor might point you in the direction of a quiet subdivision didn’t even know existed. By keeping an open mind and trusting some of your realtor’s suggestions, you might find you dream location where you never expected it – maybe even faster or at a better price.

2. Sellers, be good listeners

Real estate broker can be a seller’s best friend. Whether you’re listing your house for sale or working to get tenants into your office space, a realtor can bring the right people to your door, creating more opportunities for closing a deal. It’s important to listen to their advice – whether it’s staging your living room in a different way, hosting an open house, or rethinking the list price, your real estate broker wants to help you close the deal.

3. Above all, be realistic

A good realtor is going to go above and beyond. They’re going to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and be good communicators. But most real estate brokers are balancing family with continuing real estate education and multiple clients. Brokers work with all kinds of people, including first time buyers, people moving in from out of state, and property investors, and brokers know they all have different schedules and questions. One of the best things to remember about working with a realtor is to remember that they’re not going to forget about you. You are their job. To keep the lines of communication open, remember to respect their office hours and give them time to return you phone calls.

Having a good working relationship with your realtor can make the difference between a  truly great or uncomfortably tense buying or selling experience. Focus on abiding by these easy ideas to keep a balanced, flexible, and productive relationship.


How to Not Ruin Your Relationship with Your Realtor

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