Top 3 projects to get you looking forward to Spring

Happy Saturday!

We’re enjoying a rare (and much appreciated) spring weather day in Chicagoland. Since we’re thinking Spring, here are three home improvement projects to get excited about doing when Spring finally shows up for good.

1. Decks and porches

Spring is a great time to think about installing a new deck – not too hot, so the work is bearable and the wood won’t warp, and lots of people have just received their tax refund and are ready to reinvest it into their house. Start it in spring and have it done for a 4th of July bbq! If you already have a deck or a porch, consider cleaning, sanding, and re-painting or staining it to maintain its life and usefulness.

2. Lawn and garden

Spring is the time to really invest time into your yard. Winter – with the freezing temperatures, shorter days, and salt spread on every surface to keep people from slipping- probably took a toll on your yard. When it starts to warm up and dry out, plan on spending a weekend or two fertilizing your lawn, spreading mulch in your flower beds, and planting summer and fall vegetables. Consider adding a raised garden bed, like this one from This Old House – instant curb appeal, as well as easier access! Scratching this off your list in spring means you can enjoy your flowers and garden all summer with only minor upkeep.

3. Clean up

We spend a lot of time bringing in salt, snow, sand, and the rest of the elements in during the winter. Or binging on Netflix and staying warm on the couch, ignoring the dust piling up, because who’s having guests when there’s a snow storm raging outside? Spring cleaning is an often dreaded and put off ritual of the season, but once it’s done, it sets the tone for a fun, fresh summer. Pick a week in early spring and knock one cleaning project off your list a night. Try this schedule to get it done fast, or try this room by room list.

Monday: Dusting the tops of cabinets, shelves and the fridge
Tuesday: Vacuum all the places you can’t see- behind the couch, the appliances, under the bed
Wednesday – Clean out the vents with a vacuum
Thursday – Deep clean the oven – it probably worked a lot this winter – and clean the grill to get ready for summer
Friday – Organize the attic or the basement. It might be time to store the winter coats or put the holiday decorations in a clearly marked tubs. Or clean out the closets to get ready for a summer yard sale!
Saturday – Clean the gutters and around the AC.
Sunday – Don’t forget the car! Treat your hard working vehicle to a vacuum and a wash, so you can enjoy and look forward to summers drives with the window down.

Well, that’s our list. I’m definitely looking forward to the end of winter so I can get back out in the yard! What’s on your Spring to do list?

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Top 3 projects to get you looking forward to Spring